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  • In Honor of Sims 4 Outrage - A Look at the Lacking Sims 3 Base Game

    Since everyone is making Sims 4 out to be an awful game already before it’s even released, I’d like to take us all back in time for a second. The year is 2009. Sims 3 is about to be released and everyone has lost their chill. Why’s that you ask? Because compared to Sims 2, Sims 3 looks terrible. I mean look at everything the base game is missing.

    Missing Gameplay Elements:

    • No restaurants
    • No grocery stores
    • No clothing shops
    • No aspirations
    • No lifetime aspiration meter or anything to show how fulfilling your sims life has been
    • No fears
    • No private schools and wooing the headmaster “minigame to get into private school”
    • No dating system and dating “minigame” to get a perfect date
    • No interests
    • No turn ons and turn offs
    • No memories
    • No aliens
    • Hedges, flowers and trees never require maintenance (trimming, watering, etc.) and they never die
    • Environment and comfort needs removed
    • No illnesses
    • No inheritance when family dies
    • No need to buy clothes
    • No cockroaches for dirty homes
    • No zodiac signs
    • Can’t bathe babies and toddlers
    • No cleaning skill
    • No yoga or meditation skills
    • No car animations or interactions
    • No unlockable secret lots
    • No basements
    • Teens don’t get acne
    • No need for friends to get promoted
    • No chance cards at work
    • No lifetime relationship bar
    • Less control over inactive families because of story progression
    • More difficulties in rotational play
    • No personality points
    • Only one world
    • Cartoon charm graphic style lost and replaced by more realistic graphics
    • Sims have “pudding face” which a lot of people don’t like

    Missing Items:

    • No pianos
    • No recliners
    • No diving boards or pool slides
    • No hot tubs
    • No magazines
    • No wedding arch
    • No changing tables
    • Pool tables


    • No cinematics for moving, woohooing, etc.
    • No underwear clothing category
    • Missing NPCs: Exterminator, headmaster, social bunny, therapist, gardener, butler, or nanny
    • No body shop application
    • Can’t create new neighborhoods in-game
    • Each job doesn’t have a career reward
    • Most community lots are rabbit holes that you can’t see your sim in
    • Hair doesn’t move
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